WAPO Website & 2023 Webinar Series

“Your diagnosis doesn’t have to define you!”  ….. well-spoken words by Ignas Meškauskas, Mental Health Coach in the Netherlands.. Ignas kick-started our WAPO 2023 Webinar series, with this impactful session entitled “My new identity after diagnosis”, with invaluable content for anyone with a diagnosis of a pituitary disease or long-term condition. ‘Acceptance’ is the keyword in this webinar and Ignas shares a lot of his own experience and supportive ideas that will help people with any diagnosis to accept their new reality.

We met Ignas last year at the WAPO Global Summit in 2022, where he translated for his Lithuanian friend . During the event, he became more and more involved with the speakers and delegates and with his knowledge and the benefit that he can bring to our community, he prepared his presentation for the 2023 webinar series.

The set-up for our series of 9 webinars in 2023 is different from 2022. This year, the webinars will be pre-recorded and released on the WAPO website, roughly each month (except for Summer and December).
We received requests from the WAPO pituitary community about the different time zones and availability of the webinars to share with other members and we feel that this new approach will solve this issue. The webinars will be made available– in English and Spanish – directly from the WAPO website, in the Library section, and in open access. You will find the direct links below the article as well as the planned webinar topics for the year.

You may also have noticed that the WAPO website has had a make-over in the past 6 months, and is available from 27th January onwards, via www.wapo.org (same address, new content!).
The Pituitary Disease section has been completely refreshed, with updated information and accompanying animated videos, which explain the diseases and treatment in an easy, engaging way. This has been made possible by the Federation of International Nurses in Endocrinology (FINE), with special thanks to Christine Yedinak!

Currently, we are looking for additional disease, or health and exercise content to add to our specific website pages, e.g. research outcomes, clinical trial information, etc.
Please feel free to send any information that you feel would be of interest to the community to mail@wapo.org and we will be happy to include on the website. The content doesn’t have to be in English but in any other language.

Discussed topics: 

Release Date 2023: TOPIC
January 27, 2023 Mental Health Support after Diagnosis
February 28, 2023 Pain in Pituitary Disorders
March 30, 2023 Hypercortisolism – History and Future
April 27, 2023 Transition – from Child to Adult Treatment
May 15, 2023 Hormones
June 29, 2023 Growth Hormone
September 2023, TBC How to Support a Depressive Patient
October 2023, TBC Medication Waste
November 2023, TBC Clinical Trials