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WAPO is a non-profit, umbrella organization uniting pituitary patient organizations around the world. Much of our work requires volunteers, due to funding limitations.

That is where YOU, being a patient, caregiver or person with specific skills can make a difference by becoming active within an international pituitary focused organization.

During our webinar series,  Summit and/or AGMs, patient advocates, medical advisors, speakers and moderator share and discuss the needs and priorities for the group as a whole and for the various regions. These priorities need follow-up and ask our attention during the year, besides all other – daily and general – activities.
Therefor, it would be great to meet with volunteers and collaborate with professionals to make the priorities happen in order to support our member organizations.

Please contact us and help us in supporting the Pituitary communities in the best possible way.
Make a difference in your region/country and write to

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Become a volunteer

Volunteers are always important for patient organizations!
Now WAPO is growing more and more, also daily activities and projects become more important. Therefor, we are looking for people to support us, with the following skills:

  • Medical Writer
    Preferably two persons who professionalize our ‘output’ via blogs and other content; who are interested to find quality content and research outcomes and translate the information into ‘plain language’ texts for our pituitary community. Who are interested to interview patients, to complete a medical article.
  • Social Media writer
    Preferably someone who is an English/US native speaker, for the right and attractive language to share messages on the WAPO general Facebook page as well as the Facebook Forum Group,  Twitter & LinkedIn.
  • Assistant
    Preferably someone who speaks English, and has a few hours to spend per week to assist in daily activities.

Since we depend on donations, we cannot offer you a salary. On the other side, you will be part of a great and warm community and will be invited to our activities.
We look forward to receiving your email via