OUR MISSION: WAPO believes that the strength of a global network of national pituitary patient organizations will lead to improved diagnosis, treatment and care for pituitary and adrenal patients worldwide.


The World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations (‘WAPO’) is a self-governed non-profit organization created in order to unite the international pituitary patient community to push for optimal treatment and care for all patients with pituitary and related conditions worldwide.

The goal of our organization is to share information, work together and support all pituitary patient organizations around the world.

WAPO has a great potential value for pituitary patient advocates, as it serves as:

A united global patient voice in international and national policy-making;
A forum to gather and disseminate evidence-based information on pituitary and related diseases;
A source of best-practices shared by pituitary advocacy organizations and operations;
The spearhead in the drive to increase global pituitary awareness activities.

Our projects

WAPO’s activities are always outcomes of the previous Summit(s) and/or AGM, discussed with patient advocates present and via online meetings.
For 2023|2024 we have scheduled many projects, which are now under construction and find funding for. Of course there is always a chance we need to reschedule the timeline or activity.
If you like to learn more about our 2023|2024 plans, share your knowledge. When you know a way to support or collaborate with us, feel free to connect.

WAPO Annual Activity Reports & Finances

Like most organizations, we always look back on our activities and finances of the past year in January. Earlier we did this via the ‘Summit Reports’ (2016-2018). From 2018 onwards, we have continued with the ‘WAPO Annual Activity Report’, where you can find general information and a year overview of our activities and organizations we collaborate with.
New editions are available around mid January every year.

WAPO 2018 Activity Report – Final
WAPO Activity Report 2019 – Final
WAPO 2020 Activity Report – Final
WAPO 2020 Financial overview
WAPO 2021 Activity Report – Final
WAPO 2022 Activity Report – FINAL

  • a general facebook page as well as a page for WAPO members only, the Facebook Forum Group;
  • Social Media accounts, like Twitter and LinkedIn;
  • an International Travel Letter, in many languages, including supporting information to prepare travelling;
  • By laws;
    • the Declaration of Zurich, original version in 2012, and reviewed in 2017;
    • the WAPO Code of Conduct, to be signed by all representing patient advocates;
    • a blog, which since 2020 is replacing the quarterly newsletter;
    • organization of an annual WAPO Summit incl. AGM, since 2016.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemics, virtual eSummits were organized in 2020 and 2021;
    • organization of a webinar, which will find a follow-up in 2022, with a series of informative webinars;
  • organization of an online serie of meetings in the ‘Global Café’, to meet and share experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic incl. sessions in English, Spanish and Russian.
  • Mapping Project I (2018/2019) and Mapping Project II (2021) to engage our members and to understand what is important in different countries – like medicine availability;
  • Task Force, since September 2020, WAPO supports member organizations on request;
  • Medical Advisory Board, now with 6 health care professionals, in future more HCPs to be invited.
  • Webinar 2022 Series, 8 webinars during 2022 on important topics for the pituitary community, and create an informative library – in open access and in English + Spanish – on the WAPO website.

Want to know more about WAPO Projects?

When you have questions, suggestions or want to collaborate,
please let us know, via mail@wapo.org