WAPO Membership Procedure and Eligibility

National organizations who wish to become a member of WAPO must fulfill the following important requirements:
– be a patient organization representing patients affected by the pituitary and related disorders
– be a formally established organization (not individual patient or group as such)
– be a non-profit legal entity.

If your organization satisfies all of the above, please complete the form on the right and we will respond as soon as possible with additional information.

Please note that as of January 2017, WAPO full member organizations are requested to pay an annual membership fee of  €35.


As we are a global organization, the benefits are global as well. By joining WAPO, your organization can count on:
• An international community of similar patient organizations represented in over 40 countries
• Access to a vast base of experience and knowledge of dealing with major issues every pituitary organization faces around the world
• All-day-long support, as different organizations are in different Time Zones, your question will not remain unanswered by contacting other members via personal emails or via our dedicated closed Facebook group.
• Access to a library with major documents on different languages (i.e. official documents, requests to authorities, grant requests and many more)
• The ability to contact other organizations and doctors with broad experience who can help your patients with advice
• International back-up to your organization

• Attendance for one delegate to attend the annual WAPO Summit, where you will experience workshops and tutorials on aspects of organizational/business management and latest disease knowledge by highly respected pituitary experts.