WAPO believes that the strength of a global network of national pituitary patient organizations will lead to improved diagnosis, treatment and care for pituitary and adrenal patients worldwide.

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    • JULY 8, 2022
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    New WAPO website on it’s way

    You may have noticed, the current website is not recently updated. At this moment we’re working on a new website, review and update all content and share all recordings of webinars, eSummits and…

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    • FEBRUARY 15, 2022
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    WAPO Webinar Series in 2022

    In February WAPO will kick off with the first webinar of a series of 7 webinars in 2022. On the 18th February, Dr. Cusimano (Canada) will present on a study he is performing with his Research Team, international…

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WAPO is a non-profit, umbrella organization that brings together national pituitary patient organizaitons around the world.
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Webinar: ‘Protocol for Acromegaly Patient Care’

In the WAPO 2022 Webinar Series, patient advocate Deanna Badiuk (Acromegaly Canada) will speak about the importance to have a ‘Treatment Guide’ or protocols per disease. In the Q&A session afterwards, people will have time to ask questions. To stay informed, please register here

Webinar: ‘Labour and a chronic illness, e.g. Adrenal cortex insufficiency and Cushing’

In the WAPO 2022 Webinar Series, Johan G. Beun (coordinator AdrenalNET, Netherlands) will present on the impact of having a chronic illness while having a job. Johan will be presenting on the outcomes and learnings of a Dutch project over several years. In the Q&A session afterwards, the audience will have time to ask questions.