WAPO believes that the strength of a global network of national pituitary patient organizations will lead to improved diagnosis, treatment and care for pituitary and adrenal patients worldwide.

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    • FEBRUARY 15, 2022
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    WAPO Webinar Series in 2022

    In February WAPO will kick off with the first webinar of a series of 7 webinars in 2022. On the 18th February, Dr. Cusimano (Canada) will present on a study he is performing with his Research Team, international…

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    • NOVEMBER 9, 2021
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    Elena Valassi to join the WAPO Medical Advisory Board

    The WAPO community would like to welcome Elena Valassi, who will join in the WAPO Medical Advisory Board. We have already worked with Elena on various occassions in the past years, e.g. webinar in 2018,…

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WAPO is a non-profit, umbrella organization that brings together national pituitary patient organizaitons around the world.
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Webinar: ‘Protocol for Acromegaly Patient Care’

In the WAPO 2022 Webinar Series, patient advocate Deanna Badiuk (Acromegaly Canada) will speak about the importance to have a ‘Treatment Guide’ or protocols per disease. In the Q&A session afterwards, people will have time to ask questions. To stay informed, please register here

Webinar: ‘Labour and a chronic illness, e.g. Adrenal cortex insufficiency and Cushing’

In the WAPO 2022 Webinar Series, Johan G. Beun (coordinator AdrenalNET, Netherlands) will present on the impact of having a chronic illness while having a job. Johan will be presenting on the outcomes and learnings of a Dutch project over several years. In the Q&A session afterwards, the audience will have time to ask questions.