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Global Cushing’s Quality of Life Survey by CSRF – Invitation to participate

The Cushing’s Support and Research Foundation (CSRF) and the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations (WAPO) are conducting a global survey to gather patient opinions about quality of life and the journey with Cushing’s. We understand that living with Cushing’s poses numerous challenges, and we deeply appreciate your willingness to share your experiences.

If you are 18 years of age or older and have been diagnosed with Cushing’s, you qualify to participate in this project.  If you do not currently fit this criteria, we will have additional opportunities in the future.

By participating in this survey, you are contributing to a collective effort that aims to enhance understanding, promote better care, and improve the lives of individuals affected by this condition worldwide. Findings will be reported at the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 7, 2023. Afterwards, a detailed report will be shared with all participating individuals and organizations, and there will be additional opportunities to share over the next year at conferences.

Your voice matters, and we are grateful for your time and input.  To learn more about this project and to take the survey yourself, please visit http://www.csrf.net/2023globalsurvey. The survey is available in English, French, and Spanish.  The survey opens on Monday, August 28, and will remain open until midnight EST on September 11 for this specific collection of data to present.
Afterwards, the survey will be open again.

Learn more about
CSRF at http://www.csrf.net and
WAPO at http://www.wapo.org

Webinar on ‘Hypercortisolism’ by Dr Blevins Jr

April 27, 2023: ‘Depression and the pituitary patient: support for them and yourself’ by Linda Rio (Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT)

May 25, 2023: ‘Health Technology Assessment‘ by Realise Advocates

Rare Disease Day – February 28 2023


February 28, 2023 – Rare Disease Day is the globally-coordinated movement on rare diseases, working towards equity in social opportunity, healthcare, and access to diagnosis and therapies for people living with a rare disease.

Since its creation in 2008, Rare Disease Day has played a critical part in building an international rare disease community that is multi-disease, global, and diverse– but united in purpose.

Rare Disease Day is observed every year on 28 February (or 29 in leap years)—the rarest day of the year.
Rare Disease Day was set up and is coordinated by EURORDIS and 65+ national alliance patient organisation partners. Rare Disease Day provides an energy and focal point that enables rare diseases advocacy work to progress on the local, national and international levels.

WAPO supports Rare Disease Day with a webinar on ‘Pain and Stress’ by Emilio Covarrubias (Chile) in English and Spanish. Check our Library on the website wapo.org

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Webinar 6-2023 – Clinical Trials – Alberto Pedroncelli

Webinar 4-2023 – Depression and the Pituitary Patient – Linda M Rio

Webinar 4-2023 – Depression and the Pituitary Patient – Linda M Rio (ES)

Webinar 3-2023 – Hypercortisolism (ES) – Dr L Blevins jr

Adrenal Insufficiency – Study: Significant risk of COVID-19 and related-hospitalization among patients with adrenal insufficiency: A large multinational survey

Manuscript Yedinak. Ross. fendo-13-1042119

Webinar 7 – J.G. Beun – Labor and Chronic Illness

Webinar 6 – B. Raimi-Abraham – Fight the Fakes