Blog ‘Global Pituitary Voice’

Our commitment to keep our member organizations and followers informed and engaged will now be accomplished with a blog written while following the WAPO member organizations, and which is accessible on

The board believes that a blog format will serve as an ongoing communications channel, to encourage members to participate in developing content, provide a platform to share best practices, provide collaboration opportunities between members, propose actionable initiatives, and much more valuable information.

Unlike the former newsletter was published once a quarter, the blog will be an ongoing effort to often publish updated content. The frequency will be guided by content availability, but we intend to have weekly posts. Then every quarter (perhaps more often), we will publish a summary highlighting selected content. Upcoming events, calendars, and other helpful resources will now be included on the website.

Thank you for your support, and we are looking forward to your active participation, comments, and contributions.

The WAPO Board of Directors,
October 2020

The WAPO ‘Global Pituitary Voice’ newsletter is becoming a ‘Blog’!