Webinar ‘Understanding Psycho-Social Challenges to people living with Cushing’s Syndrome’

HRA Rare Diseases and the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations (WAPO) together raise awareness for Cushing’s Day on April 8th.
We have invited Dr. Cornelie Andela (LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands) to speak and answer questions about: ‘Understanding the psycho-social challenges people living with Cushing’s Syndrome’

Via the following links, you can watch the different language versions of the Cushing’s awareness day webinar:

Version without subtitles – https://vimeo.com/528700079/dfcc5abe36
English – https://vimeo.com/533242205/f79764ec05
Italian – https://vimeo.com/533258627/a66cad6072
Spanish – https://vimeo.com/533260264/b6111a63ca
French – https://vimeo.com/533256941/0fe69cd421
German – https://vimeo.com/533257785/73311cf7e5
Portuguese – https://vimeo.com/533259398/004672c884

Questions, topics or suggestions for a next webinar can be sent via: mail@wapo.org

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