WAPO Webinar Series in 2022

In February WAPO will kick off with the first webinar of a series of 7 webinars in 2022.

On the 18th February, Dr. Cusimano (Canada) will present on a study he is performing with his Research Team, international colleagues and, with help of Acromegaly Canada, Acromegaly Community (US), Pituitary Foundation UK and WAPO, to find a way to detect Acromegaly earlier!
In the presentation he will inform you how your input can help the study and improve early diagnosis.

All 7 WAPO webinars will be available in open access (upon registration) for patients, carers, patient advocates, Health care professionals, Nurses and people who are interested in pituitary, adrenal and rare disorders.
The available languages are English and Spanish.
To find all program details, speaker information and the registration link, click here

Feel free to share with your members, family, carers and colleagues.

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