WAPO Summit 2022 - Netherlands

In 2022 the WAPO Summit will be organized on June 3-4-5 2022 in the Netherlands.
WAPO Member organizations will be invited to join with 1-2 patient advocates to participate in the presentations, discussions and later in the Annual General Meeting on June 5th.


Friday, June 3
Welcome & IntroductionClive Deverson (CHC) & Sheila Khawaja (WAPO Chair)
Best Practices’ by International Patient Advocates
‘Bone Density’ by Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra (internist-endocrinologist specialized in osteoporosis, metabolic bone diseases and calcium/phosphate disturbances, LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands)
‘European Society of Endocrinology – shaping the future of endocrinology – a joint effort’ by Dirk De Rijdt (ESE Director of Strategic Partnerships, Belgium)

Saturday, June 4:
Importance and Outcomes of WAPO Mapping Project 2021’ by Sandra Mesri (APEHI, WAPO, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Newest Insights Research Acromegaly and Cushings’ by Elena Valassi (Associate Professor  of Endocrinology, Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya and Hospital Sant Pau, Spain)
‘Introduction to Plain Language Summaries’ by Anne-Marie Hamoir (Patient Focused Medicines Development, Senior Consultant Healthcare, Belgium)
‘Fatigue Management’ by Samantha Harbut (Specialized in Pain and Fatigue Management, NHS Dorset Healthcare Trust, England)
Interactive sessions:
1. ‘Patient/Person centered care in pituitary disorders’ by Nienke Biermasz (internist-endocrinologist, Leiden UMC, the Netherlands – on behalf of the International Society of Endocrinology)
2. ‘How to build in Plain Language Summaries’ – Discussion led by Anne-Marie Hamoir
3. ‘Presentation new informative videos’ by Chris Yedinak (OHSU, FINE, WAPO Medical Advisor, USA)
Brain Fog and other cognitive challenges in pituitary tumors’ by Garni Barkhoudarian (Pacific Neuroscience Institute, WAPO Medical Advisor, USA) – virtual
Pictures & Wrap-up

Sunday, June 5
Poster Contest outcomes by Sheila Khawaja
WAPO Annual General Meeting incl. Discussion Actions for 2022/2023