The 2016 WAPO Summit was very succesful. In the AGM it was agreed to organize an annual Summit for WAPO member organizations.

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AGENDA - WAPO Summit 2016

May 12, 2016

18:30 Welcome dinner incl. WAPO update and summit overview

May 13, 2016

8:30 Introduction and welcome by program director Jan Geissler

8:45-10:15 Advocacy Session: Collaboration with healthcare professionals:
learning from the experiences of pituitary and adrenal patient groups
Chairs: Muriël Marks – WAPO, Jan Geissler

8:45 AdrenalNET experience and international collaboration
Speaker: Johan G. Beun, Coordinator AdrenalNET, The Netherlands

9:15 International Endocrine Nurses Association, a new established organization
Speaker: Chris Yedinak

9:45 Panel discussion:
How to leverage the collaboration of the Pituitary community with HCPs?
Chris Yedinak, Johan G Beun, Onno Meijer
moderated by Muriël Marks and Jan Geissler

10:15-10:45 Coffee

10:45-12:45 Medical session: Scientific update on pituitary conditions
Chairs: Sheila Khawaja and Sue Kozij

10:45-11:30 Research in Acromegaly:
‘Current research in Acromegaly’
Speaker: Min He – Huashan hospital – Shanghai – Republic of China

11:30-12:10 Research in Cushing’s Disease:
‘Unknowns about hydrocortisone need: where we would like to be in
20 years?’
Speaker: Onno Meijer – Research at Leiden UMC – The Netherlands

12:10-12:45 Perspective on nurses’ role in research and side effect management
Speaker: Chris Yedinak

12:45 Lunch

14:15 Introduction: How to cope with Social Media in order to support your PO?
Focus on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, SlideShare, AuthorSTREAM
Speaker: Alfonso Aguarón
Chairs: Andrey Andrusov and Jan Geissler

15:00-15:30 Two parallel rotating sessions on hands-on social media use

15:40-16:15 1. Facebook outreach – live demo of creating pages and groups, use of analytics. Speaker: Alfonso Aguarón
2. How to create a webinar (live demo based on a WAPO webinar)
Speakers: Jan Geissler and Andrey Andrusov

16:15-16:45 Coffee

16:45-17:30 Best practice in pituitary patient advocacy:
Advancing pituitary patient advocacy globally
Chairs: Sonja Durinck and Ernest Lundu

Information on activities CAPA
Speakers: Haining and Haiping Wei – Republic of China

Consumer campaigns on medicines subsidisation in Australia
Speaker: Susan Kozij – Australia

Influence declaration of stakeholders
Speaker: Sandra Mesri – Argentina

17:30 Close of Day 1

18:15 Leave the hotel for social event incl. dinner

May 14, 2016

08:00-9:00 Sponsors de-brief meeting
Note: only for sponsors and WAPO Board

Annual General Meeting

Chair and moderator: Andrei Andrusov and Muriel Marks

09:15 Review 2016/2017 and future vision for WAPO
Presentation action plans and World Café discussion on members’ expectations and future contributions etc.
(sponsors invited to attend as observers)

11:00 Short break

11:30 WAPO’s General Assembly meeting (WAPO members only)
Election of Board Members (Board of Directors)
WAPO activities 2016 – 2018
Any other business

12:45 Farewell Ceremony incl. Best Poster Award

13:15 Celebration lunch

GALLEY - WAPO Summit 2016