WAPO Summit 2021: March and October

March 19:
15:00 Welcome & House rules by Clive Deverson (moderator, CHC)
15:10 ‘Obesity, Nutrition and recent updates’ by Prof. Elisabeth van Rossum, Erasmus MC, The Netherlands
16:05 ‘European Reference Networks + ENDO/ERN’ by Ir. Johan Beun, AdrenalNET, The Netherlands

March 20:         
15:00  Welcome & House rules by Clive Deverson (moderator, CHC)
15:10 ‘Biosimilars’ by Dr. A.A.M. Franken, Isala Clinic, The Netherlands
16:05 ‘Gonadal, Fertility and Libido in pituitary disorders’ by Javier Salvador Rodriguez,  Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
16:55 ‘Pituitary Adenomas during Pregnancy’ by Anton Luger, Wiener AKH, Austria

After all presentations, a 15 minute Q&A session will be held with the speakers and a 10 minute break.
Open – remaining – questions will be answered by the speakers in the WAPO Blog.
Presentation recordings will be shared on the WAPO website and in the WAPO Blog.

Program Day 1 – October 8 2021:
1. ‘Management of acromegaly patients in the COVID era: impact on disease control and the role of telehealth’ by Dr Federico Gatto, Associate Medical Director, Endocrinology Unit of the IRCCS Ospedale Policlinico San Martino, Genoa, Italy;
2. Endoscopic approach to pituitary tumour resection’ by Dr Michael Cusimano, Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto, Canada;
3. Pituitaries: Picture Perfect or Pathological?’ by Dr David Pettersson, Associate Professor of Diagnostic Radiology and Medical Director of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Oregon Health & Science University, USA.

Program Day 2 – October 9 2021:
1. ‘Persistence of muscle weakness in patients with controlled acromegaly and Cushing’s syndrome in remission. Mechanisms and role of physical activity’ by Dr Elena Valassi, Associate Professor of Endocrinology, Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya and Hospital Sant Pau, Spain;
2. Building capacity for multi-stakeholder collaboration’ by Chi Pakarinen, Patient Engagement and Involvement Expert, Belgium;
3. Adrenal Insufficiency, COVID-19 and Beyond’ by Dr Chris Yedinak, Associate Professor and Doctor of Nursing Practice, Northwest Pituitary Center, Oregon Health & Sciences University, USA.


Recordings presentations incl. Q&A sessions: 

Day 1
F. Gatto English Spanish
M. Cusimano English Spanish
D. Pettersson English Spanish
Day 2
E. Valassi English Spanish
C. Pakarinen English Spanish
C. Yedinak English Spanish