WAPO moves ahead with highly successful virtual Annual Summit

During these days of the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations face real challenges. They need to keep their members engaged; they need to continue providing the products, services, and support; they need to communicate new developments.

For a global non-profit organization like the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations (‘WAPO’), that – since 2016 – has organized a fully funded annual meeting  for member organizations to attend a highly informational 2 to 3-day conference, the thought of having to do it virtually was quite a challenge indeed; one could say almost unthinkable.

The board was a little skeptic, it would not be the same. WAPO conferences are typically filled with engaging professional presentations to help patient advocacy leaders learn about new medical trends and best practices. Experts in various fields – from accounting and finance to meditation and emotional/mental health, to strategic planning, to health technology. In turn, the patient advocates return to their countries with effective programs to execute in support of their missions and patient community. These meetings are filled with camaraderie and opportunities for members to learn, exchange ideas, and discover valuable resources. There are plenty of social opportunities to explore ideas, think creatively about the issues affecting pituitary patients worldwide, and plan to collaborate on new initiatives.

During these conferences, it is easy to see the benefit of getting people together with an all-inclusive schedule. There was going to be no way to do this virtually. At least no way to match the experience that patient member organizations have at one of these meetings.

But despite all the reasons not to do it, the board felt the membership expected a meeting, al be it virtual, to share important information and initiatives for the coming year. The fifth WAPO Summit had already been organized to be held this year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and speakers had been assigned, so why not go ahead with it virtually. And so, on October 3, the 2020 WAPO VIRTUAL CONFERENCE was launched with over 400 registrations. Over 130 people worldwide enjoyed great presentations including Question & Answer sessions, and later participated in a round table discussion with the presenters.

If you missed the presentations, click here to view them. Just follow the direction on the WAPO website.

The Board of WAPO would like to thank all presenters for their time and inspiring presentations!


Chi Pakarinen (PFMD/ The Synergist, Belgium)

“Dealing with Psychological Issues in the COVID era”
Alicia Santos and Eugenia Resmini (Hospital Sant Pau and CIBERER747, Spain)

“Patients and HCPs:  An example of Collaboration”
Pamela Funes (International Society of Endocrinology, Netherlands)

“Minor Complications of Surgery”
Garni Barkhoudarian (Neuro-Pacific Institute, USA)

“The Visual Impact of Pituitary Disorders”
Lucas Viana (FLENI Hospital, Argentina)

“Can Adults with Pituitary Disorders take Growth Hormone”
Debora Katz (FLENI Hospital, Argentina)

“Round Table Discussion & Wrap up”
Chi Pakarinen (PFMD/The Synergist, Belgium)

WAPO highly appreciates the collaboration with our sponsors and their support which made this special eSummit possible. A ‘Thank You’ to Pfizer, Ipsen, Novartis, HRA Rare Diseases, StrongBridge Bio, Recordati Rare Diseases, Crinetics, and Chiasma, for your knowledge, financial and in-kind support.
All designs were made by El Cuore (Argentina), with whom we have a great creative relation.
And ofcourse we thank Cello Health Communications (UK) who created the platform, recordings, supporting advice to WAPO and speakers, etc.

The WAPO Board of Directors,
October 2020

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