Global Pituitary Voice December 2017


So many things happened in the pituitary advocacy world since our last edition!

I will start with sad news. Arnold Forter, the president of
‘Wegweiser’, the Swiss member of WAPO,
passed away on October 25, 2017 after being diagnosed with cancer in the summer after the WAPO Summit. Arnold took part in several meetings we had and contributed to our common activities. We will certainly remember him as an open and kind person and a very active patient advocate!

On the 1st of November we had the Acromegaly awareness day. Several organizations including WAPO launched awareness campaigns with
the #AcromegalyAwarenessDay hashtag. Altogether only on Twitter and Instagram more than 170 posts were made in at least 15 countries. The posts reached more than 65 000 people. It is the most massive acromegaly awareness campaign we have ever seen. To be fully satisfied with these results, we look forward to hearing stories of patients that were diagnosed as a result of the campaign.

October is the pituitary awareness month. This October we have seen activity in the UK, the campaign was focused on opticians as one of the most frequent doctors to spot the pituitary issues. We are planning the pituitary awareness months of 2018 and, even earlier, the Cushing’s awareness day on the 8th of April. We will be happy to hear your ideas and have you in the Global Awareness team!

Sheila Khawaja and Muriël Marks have represented WAPO during the World Orphan Drug Congress in Barcelona (November 13-15, 2017). They met with interesting organizations and share this in an article. If you like to see more pictures, please have a look at our album on Facebook…


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