Global Pituitary Voice November 2016


This is the second issue of The Global Pituitary Voice and again we share with you stories from pituitary patient organizations from around the world; their best practices and news. The first issue appeared in August 2016 and after delivering it to all members and friends of WAPO, we received positive feedback.

To begin with, I would like to share with you our recent activities. On November 1, we had Acromegaly Awareness Day. Some members organized campaigns on that day and others joined the Novartis social media campaign. Additional information from these campaigns can be found on the WAPO Facebook page.

Secondly, WAPO representatives, Muriël Marks-de Korver and Sheila Khawaja participated at the European Patient Summit 2016 in London, England. Their experiences and learnings are captured further on in this Newsletter. Did you miss the event? To help keep track of important dates in the pituitary patient world, we have prepared a Pituitary Calendar – read about it in this Newsletter.

The Calendar is just one of the action points the WAPO Board has been working on. Several WAPO initiatives that we are currently working on need your active support. Please contact Muriël if you are ready to help. Many hands make light work.

In the last section of the Newsletter you will find a personal story by Natasha Osmond, a Cushing’s patient from Canada. Please send us your story if you want to share it with the global pituitary patient community in the next Newsletter issue planned for February 2017.

We hope you find this issue of The Global Pituitary Voice informative and interesting. Please feel free to share it with your colleagues and partners and send us your ideas for the next editions.



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