Global Pituitary Voice August 2016


On behalf of the Directors we hope you all had a safe trip back home after the Summit in The Netherlands.

The Summit in Amsterdam was a truly remarkable event.

At the 2016 WAPO summit, we decided to create a newsletter as a means of spreading the information among WAPO members and beyond. Now, it is a great honor for me to present the first issue of the Newsletter.

You will find here short presentations from WAPO members and some great examples of how patient advocates in different countries deal with their problems or deliver projects. I hope you will find this Newsletter useful since most of our problems are the same all over the world, and perhaps you can learn from others.

In the last section, you will learn about WAPO plans for 2016. To make all these plans come true we need your help. Please pick the project you like the most and join the team!

And don‟t forget to share your best practices in the next newsletter to help other patient organizations in the world to be more efficient and better serve their pituitary patients.

Did you receive the WAPO Summit Report? Some of you received the copy. If yes, please send an email to Muriel Marks and you will receive an official version. Please share it with your colleagues; it might give them an idea on your activities.


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