Survey Arginine VasoPressin Deficiency | Central Diabetes Insipidus | Histiocytosis


Your action counts!

You have a fabulous opportunity to help the medical community as well as patient support organizations learn about the experiences, challenges and support needed by people with AVP-Deficiency/Central Diabetes Insipidus (AVP-D/CDI) and Histiocytosis, and those who care for them.

The survey is collaborately set up by 3 patient organizations: ‘Got Arginine VasoPressin Deficieny | Got Central Diabetes Insipidus?’ Facebook group, WAPO and a survey section by the Histiocytosis association. Dr Cihan Atila, Neuroendocrinology University of Basel, Switzerland, supported us through the process.
We look forward to sharing the results in December and early 2025.

The study is active from May 27 till August 23, 2024!
Participate now and be an agent of change!

The survey is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese:
Due to the length of the survey, you can open and reopen it later on at the same computer.

You can help by taking the survey or reshare with other people who are challenged by these disorders.
If you have any questions, write to us at:, and we will be happy to help you.

Thank you for taking the survey!

‘Got AVP-D | Got CDI?’ facebook group – Histiocytosis association – WAPO


This survey was made possible with in-kind support e.g. reviewing through patient organizations, health care professionals and patients. The SurveyLab AI-translations were checked for English, Spanish and Portuguese. Financial support by WAPO.
We thank all parties involved for their support.