Looking back at WAPO eSummit October 2021

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations (‘WAPO’) held their  3rd WAPO eSummit 2021 on October 8 and 9, 2021 in an online setting.

After meeting with the speakers, we were able to create a great and interesting program. All speakers presented live, except for one speaker, who could be called away in case of an emergency operation. The speakers presented on interesting insights around outcomes of research, pituitary CT’s and MRI’s, topics around pituitary disorders like Acromegaly, Cushing’s and Adrenal Insufficiency.
Our host Clive Deverson (CHC) lead the speakers through the program and the Q&A sessions with the audience. We thank the audience for their interest and all questions they sent in.

At this moment requested ‘Certificate of Attendance’ were sent to the Health Care Professionsals. If you participated both days and are still interested to receive one, please mail to: mail@wapo.org

Due to some delay and technical issues, we were not able to share the recordings with you earlier. If you were not able to participate or  you would like to listen again to the presentations, you will find the program below the program, which will lead you to the WAPO website and the recordings in English and Spanish. Feel free to share the blog and link with your community or colleagues.

eSummit Program Day 1 – October 8 2021:
1. ‘Management of acromegaly patients in the COVID era: impact on disease control and      the role of telehealth’ by Dr Federico Gatto (Italy);
2. Endoscopic approach to pituitary tumour resection’ by Dr Michael Cusimano (Canada);
3. Pituitaries: Picture Perfect or Pathological?’ by Dr David Pettersson (USA)

eSummit Program Day 2 – October 9 2021:
1. ‘Persistence of muscle weakness in patients with controlled acromegaly and Cushing’s syndrome in remission. Mechanisms and role of physical activity’ by Dr Elena Valassi (Spain);
2. Building capacity for multi-stakeholder collaboration’ by Chi Pakarinen (Belgium);
3. Adrenal Insufficiency, COVID-19 and Beyond’ by Dr Chris Yedinak (USA).

To watch the presentations & Q&A sessions, pleace, click here

Additionally we would like to thank Cello Health Communications (UK), El Cuore (Argentina) and  Oficina Linguistica (Italy) for their support in making this eSummit a success again!

WAPO is most thankful to all sponsors, who supported WAPO in organizing the 2 eSummits in 2021, which made it possible for the pituitary community (pituitary and adrenal patients, patient advocates, caregivers, health care professionals, nurses) to participate for free.

Extra information:
Dr. M. Cusimano (St. Michaels, Canada) shared the following link: https://unityhealth.to/pit

We look forward to meeting  you in another WAPO event in 2022!

The WAPO Board of Directors,
Sheila, Sue, Sandra, JD & Muriël


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