On April 8th – Cushing’s International day – WAPO launched it’s first online ‘Global Café’ hour to catch up with our members around the world, speaking English. Our very first get-together saw members from countries such as  Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Ukraine, USA and also New Zealand. 
After an English session, we also organized a Spanish spoken ‘Global Café’ with members from Argentina, Chile and Netherlands. 
After many smiles and waves, we all wanted to know how they were doing as rare disease patients, whether access to medicines and treatment was facing any issues. There were many laughs as we shared the ‘toilet paper’ stockpiling in our respective countries.

Last but not least, participants shared that in many countries people have taken up gardening and DIY projects as well as cooking their favorite dishes.

Next sessions of WAPO ‘Global Cafè’ will be held on April 15th (EN), and April 22nd (ES). More information will be shared soon.

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