Latest Past Events

WAPO Global Summit 2023

On October 6-7-8, the WAPO Global Summit will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Patient advocates will receive a personal invitation

2023 Webinar Series


Like in 2022, WAPO will organize another 2023 Webinar Series, with 9 interesting topics and speakers. This year, we will have on-demand video's, to make it easier to watch in your own time and time zone. Again the webinars will be available in English and Spanish. "Your diagnosis doesn't have to define you!" Ignas Meškauskas, […]

Acromegaly Awareness Day

On November 1st, the Global Acromegaly Awareness Day will give attention to people living with this pituitary disease, the treatment and impact on their lives and of caregivers. We hope you will support us with sharing our social media campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.