COVID-19 virus – WAPO Summit 2020

Dear WAPO Members and Friends,

After a thorough discussion by the WAPO Board of Directors on March 3, and review of possible risks regarding the upcoming 5th Summit in relation to the COVID-19 virus, the WAPO Board of Directors has decided to proceed with the WAPO Summit 2020 in Buenos Aires.

At this moment we see no serious health reasons or any other severe restrictions regarding the Summit, and Argentina seems safe to travel to (no red alert or any virus outbreaks).
‘WAPO refers to the WHO website for any and all updates and travel information (—unwto-and-who-call-for-responsibility-and-coordination).

Of course we would like you to take basic precautions while travelling (handgel, wash your hands regularly, sneeze in your elbow, etc.) following WHO recommendations.
In case you have questions, please contact us.

We look forward to meeting you in Buenos Aires!

Andrei, Sheila, Sue, Sandra, JD and Muriël

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