As part of our 2021 Acromegaly campaign, we are excited to announce the launch of ACROLINE®, a series of informative guides and tools developed with acromegaly groups from around the world and available in several languages.

We believe these booklets are of immense value to acromegaly patients, especially those who have recently been diagnosed and are trying to understand how the patient journey will impact them, as well as being a valuable resource for those patients who have been keeping their disorder under control for some time.

The 9 different booklets (7 for patients, 1 for carers and 1 for HCPs) are not only available in a variety of languages but can be obtained at your local hospital in printed format as well as PDF formats, to be downloaded. The English versions are available, other languages will be available between now and  early 2022.

The booklets topics are: 
Introducing Acroline®;
Supporting people with acromegaly;
Maintaining a healthy self-image;
Acromegaly health diary;
Talking with your healthcare team;
Treatment journey overview;
Looking after your well-being;
Acromegaly and Health.

We are extremely grateful to Pfizer for having reached out and collaborated with the various patient groups along with WAPO in creating supportive material for patients as they start or continue their journey; for family members and friends who wish to support acromegaly patients; and HCPs, who are the reference point in the patient journey and their families.
We encourage you to share the news through your social media channels as well as informing your community.
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