On 15-17 April, 2016, our first-in- history WAPO Summit was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The 26 patient advocates present at the 2016 Summit represented 17 national organizations from 15 countries. We were very fortunate to have eight medical experts on Acromegaly and Cushing’s, as well as guest speakers on other subjects and of course, six representatives from our sponsor organizations.

Given the 2016 WAPO Summit was such a success it was agreed that we would organize it annually.

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The new Board agreed that the WAPO Summit 2017 should take place in Amsterdam on 12-14 of May 2017.

The venue will be – again – the Amsterdam Dorint Hotel. With regards to the Agenda, WAPO attendees were asked to give their feedback on topics or areas theywould like to discuss and focus on.

These will be taken into account as the Board develops the Agenda for 2017 in consultation with members and sponsors.