WAPO Membership Procedure and Eligibility

National organizations who wish to become a member of WAPO must fulfil the following important requirements:
– be a patient organization representing patients affected by pituitary and related disorders
– be a formally established organization (not individual patient or group as such)
– be a non-profit legal entity.

If your organization satisfies all of the above, the becoming a member requires a simple step:
– complete the online application form.

Please note that at this time, admission and membership to WAPO is free.


As we are a global organization, the benefits are global as well. By joining WAPO your organization can count on:
• An international community of alike patient organizations represented in over 40 countries
• Access to a vast base of experience and knowledge of dealing with major issues every pituitary organization faces around the world
• All-day-long support, as different organizations are in different Time Zones, your question will not remain unanswered by contacting other members via personal emails or via our Facebook page.
• Access to a library with major documents on different languages (i.e. official documents, requests to authorities, grant requests and many more)
• The ability to contact other organizations and doctors with broad experience who can help your patients with advice
• International back-up to your organization