Financial Management

The Financial Management of the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations association (WAPO) and the WAPO Summit foundation is taken care of by the Treasurer.

The Treasurer is a Director of the WAPO Board of Directors.

The Treasurer will inform the WAPO Board of Directors of the financial situation every Board of Directors teleconference or in case there is specific news.

The ‘Financial Team’ (Treasurer, Chair and Executive Director) has official general financial teleconference-meetings where it will discuss the finances 4 times a year. In case there are specific topics, the Treasurer will arrange an additional meeting.

The Treasurer is receiving support by a Dutch administration office, because of ‘Annual reports’ under Dutch law, while WAPO is registered in The Netherlands, under Dutch law.

The Treasurer is also supported by the Executive Director (Dutch) in order to have an overview of both the Dutch banking accounts, contact administration office, tax office (VAT), translations and additional information.

Before the Annual General Assembly meeting, there will be an official financial meeting with 2 – non-Board of Director – full members, who will audit the book keeping of the WAPO association. They will report during the General Assembly meeting.

The financial year of the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations and WAPO Summit Foundation last from June 1st until May 31st, one year later. The Financial report will be shared with the full members.

WAPO Contacts

WAPO believes that the strength of a global network of national pituitary patient organizations will lead to improved diagnosis, treatment and care for pituitary and adrenal patients worldwide.