Managing a patient Organization

In this section we collect best practices of pituitary organization management. Please look through all the posts, pick the ones of most relevance for your organization and feel free to use the proposed solutions.

This is just the start of our work on best practice collection. Please share with us your ways of doing things so that other organizations spend less time inventing the same! Your feedback, comments and new ideas are more thank welcome!


Organizational Best Practices


  • Diversity and inclusion is critical for diversity of thought and to ensure the consideration of different perspective and different experiences to result in better and robust decision making and hence better outcomes for the organisation
  • It is critical to include Personal Characteristics, Gender, Age, Cultural Background, Location, Tenure, Knowledge/Expertise, External Linkages/networks, Core Competencies


  • WAPO should complete the Board Diversity Matrix which I have compiled (attached – feedback is welcome to ensure all skills required are captured) for current Board members
  • WAPO identify gaps or key skills which we need or want but do not have in the current Board
  • WAPO should review the upcoming nominations in the context of this Board Matrix and make sure we have a balance of diversity and where possible fill the gaps

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Examples Board Skills Matrixes


WAPO Contacts

WAPO believes that the strength of a global network of national pituitary patient organizations will lead to improved diagnosis, treatment and care for pituitary and adrenal patients worldwide.