Adrenal Insufficiency – European Emergency Cards


What is the European Emergency Card?

An Emergency Card can save your life in unexpected stress situations if you wear one. It contains the important medical information you need and is designed in collaboration with many EU patient organizations.
The European Emergency Card is especially designed for persons suffering from Adrenal Insufficiency / Addison’s Disease or a pituitary disease like Cushing’s, when you need daily replacement of cortisone.
Many people living with this rare adrenal or pituitary disease are wearing this card with them.

You can download a card in your language and wear the card visibly to let medical emergency professionals know how to save your life.

Small front & backside pediatric card including small opening to hang on a bag, jacket or key ring.

There exist two versions in many languages:

More languages?
For patient advocacies or hospitals:
Are you interested in a cooperative mass production of plastic cards in more languages? will organize another cooperative production in Q3-2021 of new sets of European Emergency Cards!

Please go to for more info and ordering!


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